our story

lido is a summer lifestyle brand based in New York City. 

a note from the founders

We're two brothers who grew up in Lido Beach, New York. Ever since we were kids (shamelessly cute evidence provided below), we’ve loved going to the beach to do just about anything – chill with our boys, be overly competitive with each other, impress girls, clear our heads, or just pass out long enough for the SPF to wear off.  

Five years ago, we realized that the only part we didn’t like about the beach was going to it. We knew we were blessed to live closer to the beach than most, but it was always a pain to carry everything we needed for that perfect day – our towels, sunscreen, phones, a speaker, our lunch, drinks (... the list goes on and on).  We needed too many bags, particularly plastic bags that destroy the very environment that we were there to enjoy.  

We also realized that most chairs, quite honestly, really didn’t even work well – they were uncomfortable, dangerous to ride a bike with (our preferred mode of travel), and difficult to open and close.  

Not to mention, most chairs are just straight up ugly.  We spent so much time making sure we had the right towel and sunscreen and lunch and bathing suit and sunglasses, only to be engulfed in the same lame beach chairs as everyone else (in Alex’s most gram-able moments, no less).

So we’ve spent the last five years redesigning the beach chair and we’re pretty confident you’ll love carrying just one thing to the beach. 

We also plan to build a whole brand around the types of beach days and outdoor summer experiences we want, with products that are super functional and speak to stylish and sustainable people like you.

So with all due respect to Tommy Bahama, it's time we all grow up. It’s 2021 and it’s cool to care about our impact on the environment. Things are changing. There's no reason you should have to sit on your grandpa's old rusty beach chair. We're better than that. You're better than that. Recycle those and buy one of ours.

Oh and when you’re out there using it, take some pictures and slide into our DMs @lido.co. We’ll repost. Thank you.

Alex and Zach

the founders, 1995

the founders, circa 1995